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Welcome to WordPress Building Blocks!

Here at WordPress Building Blocks, we’ll start at ground zero and help you build a WordPress site from the ground up — one building block at a time.

If you’re already pretty comfortable with site building, HTML, CSS, PHP and all those other acronyms, this might be a little too fundamental for you. But if words like “hosting,” “theme” and “plugin” make your palms sweat, stick around.

You’ll be glad you did.

Why I Started WordPress Building Blocks

About seven years ago I switched from building websites the traditional way to building beautiful sites using WordPress. I was thrilled with how easy it was compared to HTML coding with CSS and lots of other acronyms.

During this time I’ve helped quite a few others to set up their own websites with WordPress. Some of them didn’t have any previous background with site building, and they were pretty nervous about the whole thing.

That’s when I realized there was a real need for a place to learn the basics. (Think about the classic Vince Lombardi quote, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”)

And not the basics the way a guy with an IT degree wants it, but basics for us non-technical people. (Yes, I consider myself a non-technical person. I’ve learned it all by hard slogging.)

Start Learning About WordPress Here

A good way to get started is to request the free 7-part email series Building Your Online House with WordPress. Each day for the next week, you’ll receive an email describing the steps to building your “online house” with WordPress.

I hope you find it helpful.

Susanna Perkins

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